Hostels vs. AirBnB Updated

Debating on staying in a hostel or airbnb, but can’t decide? Read about the pros and cons to help you make an easier decision.

How To: Public Transportation in Europe

Unsure on how to get around in certain cities in Europe? Check the list of places that I visited to find out how to save the most money and have the most fun on your trip!


Onsens are hot springs in Japan. They are very popular and can be found in many places around Japan. Here, I’ll write about the basic manners, rules, and things to bring when going to an onsen 1.Take off your shoes and place into the lockers This is a general rule in Japan. It’s kind of…

Japanese Expectations and Norms

1.  Shoes: A common stereotype amongs Asians, is that you have to take your shoes off before entering one’s house. Imagine, all the places you visit in a day, then you wear your shoes inside the house, that’s disgusting. If you visit a public restroom, all the bacteria and bodily fluids that lands on the ground…


Hello! I know it has been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. My life has been quite dull and average the past couple of years, meaning I had nothing to write nor tell you guys about. However, that is all changing at the end of the month! For spring break, I will…