Hello! My name is Joy Yim and I’m a college student that loves to travel around the world. I’ve been traveling by myself since I was about 15/16 years old and I have had an amazing experience every time. I love learning about different cultures, culture norms and societal standards in every country I go to.

I started this blog, at first, as a way to document my experience when I studied abroad in at my second home of Muar, Malaysia. However, after seeing the response from friends and family of my one week experience in Japan over spring break, I’ve decided to expand this blog into something more.

My personal adventures and the dumb shit I do may be entertaining to others, but who just wants to read that? So, this blog will still feature my adventures and the dumb shit I do, things to do, culture norms and standards (so you don’t embarrass yourself), what to prepare, tips, and places to go in those countries.

With recent political tensions in the United States and other countries, my goal is to allow others to see the amazing people and culture that I see when I travel and open peoples’ eyes about the world. I hope that this will ignite a fire in people to be curious and brave enough to learn more than what they see in the media, understand our privileges as Americans, break stereotypes, and more.