Snuffles Hostel–Brugge, Belgium

The Snuffles Hostel is a 7 minute walk to the market center where you will be able to see the Crooked Belfry Tower. To get to Snuffles from the train station, take the bus to Brugge Bevrijdingslaan on the 23 or Brugge Beenhouwerstraat on the 3, 31, & 33. Then you’ll walk for about 10 minutes into the fort to get to the hostel.

The Snuffles Hostel is a very young and hip hostel. As soon as you enter the hostel to check-in, there is a bar in the lobby with a beautiful courtyard in the center to chill and hang out. The lobby has many dining tables where they serve a complimentary breakfast in the morning.

Photo of courtyard on Yelp

There are many options for rooms ranging from 2, 4, and 6 persons. However, if you want an all-female dorm, then they offer a 6 person’s bedroom. These rooms are very spacious even for a 6 person dorm. These rooms are probably the cleanest in all of the hostels that I have stayed in. They also offer very large lockers with a keypad to enter your own private code to ensure better security.

Photo from HostelWorld

Despite these very spacious rooms, the toilets and showers are in the middle of the hallway shared by the whole floor. There is 1 shower for females, 1 shower for male, and 1 for handicap/open to all/whoever gets there first. The toilets are also where the showers are. To me, this is really inconvenient and creepy if you have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Although I know it’s safe, it’s a huge floor and the bathrooms were quite far. Naturally, I always felt the need to run back to my dorm like a child.

The bed, itself, sucks. They are not comfortable at all. It felt and looked like those awful mattresses from when I went to Camp Lakewood. But at least the frames were very sturdy and I felt more comfortable climbing up to the top bunk compared to others hostels.

Some really great features about this hostel would be:

  • No curfew
  • Bike rental and storage
  • Luggage storage
  • Kitchen
  • Free wifi
  • Free breakfast
  • Wheelchair accessible

To be honest, I probably will not end up going back to Brugge. There really was not anything much that I missed/would like to see again, so I do not think I will come back to this hostel. However, if I were to come again, I will probably end up staying here. The hostel had great security, very clean rooms, and the location was great. I will probably just need to take some melatonin before I go to bed to make sure I actually get some sleep.






Photos given credit do not belong to me but to their rightful owners


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