Jugendherberge Engelberg Review–Engelberg, Switzerland

Engelberg-Titlis is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains, it can be reached by taking a 30 minute train from Lucerne. Engelberg-Titlis offers many options for those who simply want to climb to the top of Titlis and admire the mountains or for those who love to ski. Engelberg-Titlis has a beautiful cliff walk where you can walk along a suspension bridge at an elevation of 3020 meters or 9908 feet. The Cliff Walk is free of charge, but you will have to pay for the ride up the mountain. They also have an ice cave at the top, if you’re into that type of thing. Not the most interesting, in my opinion, but entertaining enough for parents and grandparents.

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Engelberg, itself, is a ski resort town. Typically ski resorts are expensive but when you add Switzerland to that equation, it is ridiculously expensive. So while staying in Engelberg, you might as well try and save some money. Especially since you’ll be spending 20+ Swiss Francs on a single meal and that is considered an average/cheap priced meal in Switzerland.

Here is where I come in and save you some money so you can go spend it on the finer things, like food. Jugendherberge Engelberg is probably the cheapest place you will find in Engelberg. I would not even bother wasting your time looking other places because everywhere else will be expensive. So how much did I pay for a night at this hostel? 44 Swiss Francs, but they do provide dinner for an extra 15 Swiss Francs. It is also about a 10 minute walk to the ski base and a 14 minute walk from the train station.

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For skiers and snowboarders, I think the best part about this hostel is that they have a storage area on the first floor where you can store your skis, boards, boots, and gear.

This hostel does not give you options to choose what types of room you get, unless you are a family, then you can get a private room. Some of these dorms have about 10-12 beds in one room that are generally mixed, which is what I stayed in. These rooms do not have bathrooms or lockers inside, rather these are in the hallway where it is shared with other rooms. For 5 Swiss Francs, you can use the lockers which allows you to open and close it but still get your money back each time. The lockers are pretty convenient and they are able to fit your luggage and jackets inside.

There are about 2-3 showers in a single bathroom, they are separated but is shared by the floor. I didn’t have any issues with it since there was a door on each shower, but it’s not the most ideal for me.

The rooms are overall pretty good, the top beds are quite high and the ceiling is low, so it’s easy to bump your head on the popcorned ceilings. The bed itself are comfortable, not much to complain or critique on it.

The dinner is actually quite good and about the cheapest meal you will get in Engelberg and probably Switzerland. For 15 Francs, you’ll get a buffet with water, coffee, juice, and tea. When I stayed there, I got lasagna, a salad, and soup. So for 15 Francs, this was definitely worth it. Especially if you don’t feel like going out into the cold again.

Overall, this hostel was pretty good for the price and facilities. It is not the greatest hostel in the world, but I will definitely come back since it fulfilled my basic needs. 🙂






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