Hostels vs. AirBnB Updated

Before I did this trip to Europe, I had such a poor experience with hostels and strongly preferred doing AirBnB’s. However, this trip completely changed my mind and I became very fond of hostels. I have decided to create an updated and reasonable comparison between the two.


  • Make friends easily
  • Usually a lot cheaper
  • Better locations and help
  • Closer to convenience stores and restaurants
  • Offers deals on tours and museums
  • Safer environment
  • Little to no privacy
  • Difficult to pack things if you have to leave early in the morning
  • Share everything
  • Security can be iffy depending on the hostel and roommates


  • More privacy
  • Better security of items
  • Can cook & use facilities
  • “Cleaner”
  • Cheaper with 2+ people.
  • Cheaper homes=further from city center usually
  • Have to stay by yourself in a big home or with the owner.
  • Pay for cleaning and service fees
  • No complimentary breakfasts.


After my trip from Europe, I did 6 hostels and 1 AirBnB. I found that I really liked living with my roommates and becoming friends with them. When I stayed in an AirBnB in Cologne, I found that I felt really lonely and it was creepy living in someone else’s house, especially since I could not figure out how to lock/unlock the door. It was also really hard for me to find restaurants within walking distance since I lived on the other side of the bridge in Cologne.

Overall, I strongly recommend doing hostels in Europe. It is cheaper, the location’s better, and the social activities is more comfortable than paying for an AirBnB. That being said, if you do have a group of 2+ people, then an AirBnB may be cheaper than doing a hostel.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you have any pros and cons of staying in a hostel vs. an AirBnB, comment down below!




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