Jacob’s Inn Review–Dublin, Ireland

Photo from HostelWorld.com

Jacob’s Inn in Dublin, Ireland is an amazing place to stay while visiting Dublin. By taking the Airlink 747 from Dublin Airport to Talbot Street, you only have to walk around the corner and you are right in front of Jacob’s Inn. To get back to the airport, head down towards the Busaras Bus Station, go to Gate 15 and wait outside for the Airlink 747.

Aside from the convenient transport to and from Jacob’s Inn, it is also conveniently located near all of the main attractions of Dublin. Jacob’s Inn is a 15 minute walk from Trinity College where they house the Book of Kells and the Long Room. Close by to Trinity College is a great shopping district with stores like Chanel, Muji, Superdry, and more.

This hostel is really amazing for the price, I paid 56 Euros for my friend and I for 3 days and 2 nights in an 8 bedroom female dorm. They offered an even lower price for a 12 bedroom female dorm that’s non-refundable. But since I wasn’t entirely sure on our plans, I decided to pay a little more to make sure I get a refund, just in case. They offer private rooms for 1-4 people and dorms for 6-12 people. These rooms can also be mixed or male and female only.

Photo of lobby from Expedia.com
Photo of the gameroom from TripAdvisor.com

The hostel has an extremely friendly and helpful front desk. They do offer better deals on tours and bus tickets than buying them online. Besides that the hostel has a lot to offer like a game room, a theatre area to watch movies, a fully functioning kitchen, great lounge areas, free breakfast, and a roof terrace.

Photo of room from HostelWorld.com

The room itself is very good considering the price. Each bed has an outlet with 2 USB outlets and a light. I personally really like the fact that there’s a curtain with each bunk, this lets the person stay up as long as they want without disturbing the others. It also allows for more privacy from others, so if you want to change or ignore your roommates, this is a really nice addition.

They have small rolling lockers under the beds which was nicer than I expected. I was able to fit a lot more of my stuff inside and grab things easily compared to the vertical lockers in most hostels. Just remember to bring your own lock to protect your stuff!

The bathrooms were really clean but I wasn’t a fan of the shower. The shower requires you to push the button every five seconds to continue the water flow. Which is annoying but I guess it does force you to get out of the shower faster.

The breakfast at Jacob’s Inn is complimentary and very basic. They offer the typical plain white and whole wheat bread with jam, butter, and Nutella. They also offer juice, coffee, tea, cereal, and milk. So very basic, but filling if you’re looking for something basic.

Like I mentioned earlier, this hostel has great deals for tours and busses. They offered a 28 Euro tour to Wicklow County, slightly cheaper than buying it directly from the tour company. They also have free walking tours of Dublin that last about 3 hours. Lastly, I believe that you can buy discounted Airlink busses back to Dublin Airport.

Overall, this hostel is ridiculously amazing considering the price and location. I highly recommend staying at Jacob’s Inn, if you’re planning on visiting Dublin! I will definitely be coming back to this hostel whenever I go back to visit Dublin.








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