Enjoy Hostel/Paul’s Hostel Review–Paris, France

Enjoy Hostel a.k.a Paul’s Hostel on AirBnB is a great place to stay for an affordable  price in Paris. As many know, staying and visiting Paris doesn’t come cheap. So a great way to have as much fun while staying in Paris is to stay at an affordable hostel.

Enjoy Hostel is in Alesia, if you take the M4 Line toward Mairie de Montrouge and get off at Alesia, it’s about a 7 minute walk to the hostel. By walking 5 minutes, you can also go and see the Catacombs.

I rented a bed in a four bedroom, female dorm for $27.03 USD per night. So in total for four nights, I paid $125.24 with the service fee and occupancy taxes that I had to pay AirBnB.

They provide a free luggage storage facility, no curfew, vending machines, and very fast wifi. They also have two types of dormitories, mixed or women only for either 4 people or 8 people. For the 8 people dorms, they have 2 showers and 2 toilets.

Photo by Enjoy Hostel from Booking.com

This hostel is overall not too bad considering the price of everything. The hostel provides complimentary breakfast and free coffee until a certain time.The breakfast was very basic, typical french bread, butter, and jam. They also provided a community computer and a fridge. But be prepared to carry all of your belongings up to the room since there are no elevators in the building.

There is not a huge social space besides the lobby area, but it’s really easy to mingle with your roommates. There is also no laundry area in the hostel, but if you go directly across the street, you’ll find a laundromat that opens from 7:30 AM till 11:00 PM. There are also convenient stores around each corner and great restaurants within walking distance.

Photo by Enjoy Hostel from Booking.com
Photo from TripAdvisor

The rooms and beds were very clean and they provided lockers for each occupant. However, I couldn’t quite figure out how to lock my items in there and the lockers are also quite skinny so it’s not possible to stuff your suitcase in there. So I just stored everything underneath the bunk beds. The bed frames were quite weak and a little sketchy. Whenever I would climb up, my bed frame would slide out slightly making it difficult to pull myself up. Once on the bed, they have an outlet and 2 USB outlets with a reading light. There is also a light switch that connects to the main light, so you can just turn it off from your bed, very convenient. Another thing to note is that the walls are really thin, some days I would be able to hear my neighbor’s conversations and music. So be kind to your neighbors and talk quietly/put headphones on.

The bathrooms were amazing and huge. They provided lots of rooms for each occupant to organize their toiletries. The showers had 2 shower heads, one typical shower head and a rainfall shower head. The shower itself was huge, as well.

Overall, this hostel was great for the price and the location, considering everything in Paris is very expensive. However, if you want a more young and social hostel, I probably would not recommend this hostel. It’s a great hostel to simply shower and rest, but not great in the social department. But for me, I will definitely come back and stay here again!


Photos do not belong to me, they belong to rightful owners.

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