What’s In My Travel Bag?

For this trip I decided to invest in PacSafe’s Metrosafe LS350 15L backpack. This backpack is slash-proof, has RFID technology (protects your credit cards and passport information from getting stolen), and makes it difficult for pick-pocketers to open up your bag.

Photo by PacSafe on Zappos.com

This bag was really great for sightseeing since I knew my stuff was going to be protected (minus the part where I forgot to secure the hook and got my stuff stolen). It also held up extremely well in all types of weather from snow to heavy rains. I was walking around Engelberg, Switzerland with my iPad, headphones, and keyboards in the rain. But only the outside was wet, everything inside was dry!

My only complaint would have to be actually using it as a carry-on. I wish I could put more things in there, I found it difficult every time I had to dig out my iPad and liquids when going through TSA. However, once I removed all of the stuff I didn’t need when I was sightseeing, it was a really great backpack!

Now, I don’t really carry very much since I tend to travel from 9/10 AM till about 7/8 PM. This makes it really important that I only carry what I need so my shoulders and arms don’t feel like they’re going to fall off.

1. Coin pouch

Europeans use a lot of coins and it is a lot easier to carry it in something where you can find it easily. Especially since some of their coins are equivalent to our $1 and $2 bills (1 Euro coin=1 USD bill). This will make it easy to buy things from convenient stores, ticket kiosks, and more.

2. Credit/Debit/ID/Student ID card:

I brought all of these with me to Europe. I used the debit card to get cash out from the ATM and my credit card to pay for things like shuttles or hostels. However, I strongly recommend bringing your student ID whenever you travel! Many of the museums, bus companies, and attractions offer discounts for students even if you’re from another country.

3. CamelBak Bottle

Bring an empty water bottle that way you can save money on buying water everywhere you go! Just fill it up where they have filtered water or buy a huge bottle and just fill it up when you need it.

TSA won’t let you bring water through security, but if it’s empty, you’re good to go!

4. Monthly gift packages from Mother Nature

If you’re a female, you’ll know what I mean and understand the struggles.

5. Powerbank

I like to use my phone and I like to take pictures. Especially with the news on how Apple purposely design our phones to die quicker so we get new phones, this is a necessity for me. I charge it at least twice a day since I use my phone so much for different purposes, so this allows me to still charge my phone and sightsee at the same time.

I don’t know the brand of mine is since I got mine in Taiwan. But you can find many different types and brands on Amazon.

6. Selfie Stick
Photo by Anker on Amazon.com

Don’t judge me, but I love this so much. When you travel by yourself, sometimes you don’t want to bother anyone to take your picture, so a selfie stick is a great option. I’m totally unashamed for owning this. Why? My pictures look damn good.

I recommend this one by Anker, it’s great for iPhones 7’s and up since these phones don’t have an aux outlet and this connects via bluetooth. It also stretches pretty far, has a great grip, connects easily to the phone, foldable, rechargeable, and is very sturdy.


That’s essentially it! You might be thinking, why do you carry a backpack if you only carry these amount of things? Well, the answer is, I hate carrying things so it’s a lot easier for me to just stuff it all inside my backpack. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this post!





Any photos used does not belong to me.

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