Pros and Cons of Tour Groups

  • Less research=more time to see things and more relaxing
  • Usually has a driver and guide
  • Itinerary is planned out
  • Make friends from the tour group
  • Easy for families to travel
  • Can rest during the drives
  • Somebody explaining everything that you’re seeing and can usually act as your translator.
  • Can see many tourist destinations
  • Very structured
  • Less freedom and exploration.
  • “Easy” targets for pick-pocketing
    • Kind of, but not really. I believe it’s easier to pick-pocket someone from a group since it’s easy to tell who’s the tourist versus somebody who knows what they’re doing.
  • You’ll have to see things that don’t interest you and may not be able to see the things that do interest you.
  • Stuck in a bus for parts of the trip.
  • More expensive.


**THESE ARE MY OPINION AND OBSERVATIONS. Many people enjoy tour groups and there are many benefits to it!**



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