Wombat’s City Hostel Review–London

Image goes to Hostels.com

The Wombat City Hostel is an amazing hostel with a price-friendly budget. This hostel has so many amazing features that are offered at such a low price, perfect for a young traveler and professional backpacker. This hostel can be found in a few major cities across Europe such as Vienna, London, Budapest, Berlin, and Munich.

The location of the hostel is extremely convenient and a short walk from Aldgate East Station and the Tower Hill Station. I prefer the Tower Hill Station since I always get to walk past the beautiful London Bridge and Tower Hill every day. It is on the East side of London, a very artsy and diverse population. Apparently they have some of the best Indian/Pakistani foods in London due to their diverse population, however, I did not get to try it since I was sick and did not have much of an appetite, so I cannot vouch for that one.

At first, living in close proximity to the Jack Ripper Museum freaked me out quite a bit, but after having to walk back in the dark every day, especially since it gets dark at 4:30 PM in the winter, I’ve realized it’s not bad at all and always felt safe walking back at night by myself. That being said, you have to be smart when traveling by yourself and walking yourself home.

Some of the great features it had while I was in London was extremely clean rooms and a gorgeous bathroom. I kid you not, gorgeous. Most hostels that I have stayed usually have a communal bathroom shared by the whole floor, but with private stalls. This hostel had a bathroom in each room and this hostel is huge. Not only did it have an amazing bathroom, but it had 2 sinks. One in the bathroom and one for getting ready in the hall. Which helped move things a lot faster in the girls room, so one girl can do her business in the actual bathroom while the others can do their makeup and daily routine in the other sink.

Image from HostelWorld.com

This hostel also provided great security with their lockers, but I honestly always felt my stuff were safe with or without the lockers since I had amazing roommates. The lockers have a card key system using the room key they give you that is used throughout the building to enter the bar, hallway, lockers, and your room.

The bar was also very impressive with a free first drink provided by the hostel, but it is a very small glass. Which kind of forces you to drink more since it isn’t an actual drink. The bar also has a huge array of beers ranging from Kozel to Guinness, all within the range of 3.50 pounds to 5 pounds (CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP). The bar is a really fun environment with throwbacks playing in the background, pool, darts, beer pong, and ping-pong on the side. But if drinking is not your thing, there is a lounge area in the back where you can still chill and listen to the music being played at the bar.

Image from TravelYourself.com

There are many areas in this hostel for mingling and socializing besides the bar. They have a little area in the center of the hostel where people can sit outside and talk, perfect for the fall and spring when the weather is nice. The bar and the lobby provide seating areas for those who want to rest, chat, work, and more.

If you’re starting to run low on cash and need to cook for yourself, they have a very good kitchen and communal fridge for hostel residents to use. During Christmas, everybody pitched in to make a Christmas dinner or cook themselves their own dinner. Make sure if you’re going to use the fridge, make sure others know it is yours!

Image from HostelWorld.com

The hostel provides a self-service laundry area, you just have to pay about 4-6 Pounds for both the dryer and washer. If you have a lot of clothes, it does not do the best job at completely drying, so make sure to air dry your clothes for a few hours in the room and it should be good to go.

Breakfast at the hostel, in my opinion, is okay. But I also am kind of picky when it comes to breakfast foods. I can’t really drink milk or cheese, but those were kind of the main options at the hostel. The typical breakfast was about 3 Pounds for unlimited breakfast. They served bread, cheese, a selection of deli meat, butter, jams, yogurt, cereal, and milk. So for those that can eat dairy well, this might actually be worth it for you!



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