Next Up on Joy Meets World…

Long time no see, 好久不见,오랜만이네, 久しぶり.

Hope you have all been well! To say that this past semester was hard would be an understatement. From tackling organic chemistry to balancing work and volunteering. It’s been a real doozy.

But now that finals are over, I can finally relax, at least, until next semester. Until then, it is time for my next adventure! Where to, you might ask? Japan? South Korea? Thailand? Nope, I will be taking you guys to a different continent this time.

Here’s a hint:

  1. I have to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. They’re about 6 hours-ish ahead of me (central time)
  3. Lots of history and famous art.

If you want to find out, check back on my blog by clicking on the “follow” button at the bottom of the page to receive updates on what I’m doing or follow me on instagram. 🙂

Instagram: @joy_yim98

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