Hello! I know it has been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. My life has been quite dull and average the past couple of years, meaning I had nothing to write nor tell you guys about. However, that is all changing at the end of the month!

For spring break, I will be traveling to…



I am extremely excited to be traveling for the first time in almost two years. Which I know is not considered very long to most, but I have been very privileged in having parents always pushing me to travel since I was a kid.

This will be my first real experience traveling alone–truly alone. I am very fortunate to have friends all over the world, but this is one of the countries that I do not know anyone. It also does not help that I do not speak a lick of Japanese. But I am very excited for this experience. I will be essentially living out of my luggage for the week. Traveling from city to city and staying about a day at each location in order to maximize my time while I am in Japan.

I am hoping to revitalize this blog during spring break and utilize this as a medium to my friends back home. My goal is to try and improve the contents on this blog from my last trip. Re-reading my old posts has made me cringe and truly embarrassed at the quality. I am going to try and maintain the idea of “quality > quantity” for this blog, striving to ensure that the contents of this blog will be informing, relatable, and entertaining to read.

Please let me know in the comments on what you would like me to blog (Daily food pics, locations, etc.) Talk to you guys soon!







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